Aaron & Romy New Years Eve Wedding

December 31, 2011


5 Responses to “Aaron & Romy New Years Eve Wedding”

  1. Timberly E. Johnson Says:

    Hi Cous,
    the pictures are beautiful. May the second time around prove to be successful and bring you much happiness. Marriage requires two
    good communicators and two excellent forgivers. Fight to stay together without the option of ending what can be a beautiful union.


  2. WGHScott Says:

    Thanks, Aaron and Romy for inviting me to your Fairy Tale wedding… everthing was just GLAM!!! And now for the rest of the story. AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!. That is my wish and prayer for you both.

    Peace, Love and Blessings,


  3. Gloria Williamson Says:

    Hello Mr. & Mrs.Bell,

    I didn’t make the first wedding, nor the second, but I am glad you have
    found love again, not that it was lost in the first place, 🙂 but you have found your way back to each other arms. Looks like it was a beautiful ceremony. CONGRATS 2 U BOTH

    love ya

  4. Janiemae Says:

    Congratulations Mr. Aaron on your wedding, the pictures are beautiful, leave it to Torrance and he knows what to do. May your marriage be blessed.

  5. nikki bailey Says:

    hey family i enjoyed myself love you guys soooo much

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